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7 Poker Hands That Are Considered Controversial

7 Poker Hands

Poker players are often barred from using particular card combinations during gambling. Here are top poker hands that are considered controversial all around the world.

Poker games are popular on offline casinos and online casino sites like UFABET. Similar to any other casino game, this card game also has a few unwritten rules. Using any unethical gambling to get an advantage is a big no-no here. But, many gamblers have tried their stint with these tricks. While some hands cause high stirrups, others are fun to watch.

Here are the top seven controversial poker hands.

Estelle Denis got her Three Aces Swept in

During 2009, Estelle Denis and her hand involving three aces became the talk of the gambling sector. Denis had a pair of pocket aces with a shorter stack. She was very thrilled with her cards and went all-in with her bets. When JC Tran raised the bet for 32000 chips, Estelle also pushed her stack of chips in the middle. But she forgot to protect her cards during the meantime, and the dealer ended up swiping the cards. As a result, her cards became dead, and she ended up losing everything.

In the gambling sector, a gambler needs to protect their cards, and it has become a learning lesson for many gamblers.

Negreanu got his Chip Mixed during Gambling.

Many gamblers often mix up their chips and end up spending more than their intended money while playing live poker. It may seem a funny incident, but it resulted in the greatest controversy in the world. Negreanu started with a hand of ace-king. But, he misdeed his betting and made it 11x instead of his intended 2.5x bet.

Ensan faced a situation due to verbal declaration.

In the EPT title, Hossein Ensan caused controversial hands against Gleb Tremzin. The two were bluffing, and Ensen pushed up his chips, saying, “good call.” Again Tremzin said “good call,” but Even just heard the last word and ended up giving all of his chips in the game! A simple miscommunication caused him to spend a considerable amount of money. But, he won the main event and won $10000000 money. The hand was undoubtedly controversial, but his winning is a great outcome!

 Will Kassouf vs Griffin Benger

The Match between Will Kassouf and Griffin Benger during the 2016 event became the talk of the town! Kassouf is known for his antics and irritating players! Bangers, in turn, became irritated, and Kassouf caused him to surrender all his chips! In the end, the table turned, and the game became a legendary talk with a controversial hand!

Ivan Fritz and his Confusion

Ivan Fritz and his confused mind caused among the most controversial hands in poker history. In poker, when you raise your bet, that is finalized. Fritz was playing against Eugene and announced a raise over Eugene’s bet. But, he said that he was just joking, and he wanted to make a call. His clever trick did not sit well because Fritz had tried this trick in the past.

He eventually had to raise, and the tournament director rebuked Fritz for his dubious antics.

2019 WSOP Main Event

Dario Sanmartino and Mick Marchngton’s match in the 2019 WSOP main event became one of the most controversial events in history. Sanmartino opened the game with pocket tens while Marchington moved with his pocket tens. Dealer announced the call and announced the 17 million prize money. Nut, the other player, found a mistake and pointed out Marchington said that he had more and the all-in was for 22.5 million. The hidden card caused a lot of controversies. In the end, he had to go all-in and ended up with the runner-up position.

Tony G and Phill Hellmuth

Hellmuth started with a short stack of cash which annoyed Tony. Tony wanted to force Hellmuth into going all in. Tony complied, and Hellmuth became confused. On top of that, Tony also added that he did not see his cards, and this lie irritated Hellmuth. This angle-shooting and backstabbing caused the others to get worried and shocked! Drama ensued!

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