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Non-Gambling Jobs in Casino Resorts

Non-Gambling Jobs in Casino

There are plenty of non-gambling jobs at casino clubs, diners, and retail stores to ensure that customers enjoy a variety of amenities and attractions

As casinos are places for gaming, many associate them with dealers or croupiers. However, they offer plenty of jobs that have nothing to do with gambling. Such positions are bartender, retail staff, cook, valet driver, technician, cage cashier, and accountant. Casino resorts also have spas, banks, hotels, retail stores, bars, and restaurants, with a variety of jobs made available.


Casino accountants are responsible for completing and auditing payroll records, processing invoices, and handling bank reconciliations. Their duties also include paying payrolls and taxes and preparing and reviewing financial statements. Casino accounting departments are staffed with positions such as:

  • Accounts payable specialist
  • General ledger specialist
  • Staff accountant
  • Financial planning manager
  • Income control specialist
  • Payroll specialist
  • Internal auditor
  • Assistant controller
  • Procurement specialist

Valet Driver

Drivers welcome and greet guests and retrieve and park clients’ cars. They are also tasked with the unloading and loading of luggage, getting keys from patrons, answering questions, and providing information about promotional offers and amenities. This position requires a valid driver’s license, a high school diploma, and professional appearance /like no visible tattoos or facial piercings). Customer service experience is considered an asset.


Slot technicians install, maintain, and repair gaming machines, provide cost estimates to the management, and order parts. They also keep records of repairs and maintenance, carry out regular inspections, and program and monitor CPU boards in compliance with relevant standards. Slot technicians are also tasked with troubleshooting and preventative maintenance and with keeping records of required parts and upgrades and of machine inventory. Most casinos require a high school diploma and professional certifications.


Bartenders greet and welcome guests, prepare cocktails and other beverages, and handle sales transactions in an accurate and timely manner. Whether guests are up for baccarat, bingo, or bandar togel online, bartenders must remember guest preferences and use their names when approaching them.

At all times must bartenders comply with all procedures, policies, and laws related to the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. They must also keep an orderly and clean environment in compliance with safety and health regulations and standards. To work as a bartender, prospective candidates must have a high school diploma but some employers also require bartender certification. The position also requires wine, beer, and liquor knowledge and ability to attend to multiple customers.


Casino cooks prepare meals for customers as per the menu developed by the executive chef. They must ensure satisfactory food quality and can make adjustments to menus and meals to accommodate customers with specific dietary requirements and allergies. Cooks must prepare meals with the right flavors and seasonings. They also supervise kitchen staff to ensure prompt service and customer satisfaction. The position requires knowledge of kitchen equipment, organizational skills, at least 3 years of experience, and a high school diploma.

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